Coral Calcium Benefits – Your #1 Medical Calcium Source


ohp_coral_calcium_powder_125gThe ancient Egyptians put pieces of coral in the graves of loved ones as a form of protection against evil spirits in their belief that each piece of gemstone included a drop of blood truly divine. Also Greek legendary mythology founder Perseus recalls that in his fight with Medusa, her head was cut and the blood drained into the sea would have solidified in a coral formation. Many other crops mentioned coral use in their cultural or religious activities. Writings have been found in ancient history, and because of the very well preserved special texture and coloring they seem to have been made out of corals Calcium in the form of limestone, known and used by people for over nine millennia just as a chemical element is quite a recent medical discovery.

In 1808, an English chemist Sir Davy managed to be the first one who isolates it: he took a grey white alkali metal, immediately exposed it to air oxidize, observed it was becoming brown, and when burned, drove a beautiful red flame. In the living world, mineral calcium, is used by marine nature in construction of almost everything from shellfish shells houses, the wonderful spiral of the snail, and the beautiful coral reefs, the skeleton of all known vertebrates. Throughout evolution, Nature has found forms of increasingly ingenious modeling of this mineral, which is however equally important in its invisible secret support for the vital processes.Calcium salts tablets obtained by synthesis were proved to be the most convenient. Presented in various colors and shapes, the tasty effervescent pills, have proven their efficiency being adored by children. Recent studies have demonstrated that synthetic formulas such as the one above can substitute only a small part of the “true calcium” that the human body needs.

The big difference between organic Calcium and other forms of Calcium:

coralcalcium-500x500Scientific properties: Although the coral develops in the depths of the oceans, it is not a gemstone, also rather brittle, with a hardness on the Mohs scale of only 3 and the chemical structure of triangular crystal. Coral skeletons develop on their surface natural marine growths called coral polyps. These little creatures live their lives in colonies which they grow later on being able to form true atolls, this whole process being similar to the human bone development. Most of these corals, whether pink, white or blue are composed of calcium carbonate while black and golden corals are based on a material similar to that of animals’ horns called conchiolinum.

Therapeutic properties: Corals symbolize in many cultures life, blood and energy. The dark red coral was and sometimes is still used for heating and stimulating blood flow, while pink varieties help restore harmony in the heart. Red or pink coral forms were considered in the past as excellent adjutant in the treatment of mental illness but also anemia. This is, moreover, a stone that can be used for tissue regeneration but also to strengthen the circulatory system.

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