Coral Calcium Benefits – Your #1 Medical Calcium Source


ohp_coral_calcium_powder_125gThe ancient Egyptians put pieces of coral in the graves of loved ones as a form of protection against evil spirits in their belief that each piece of gemstone included a drop of blood truly divine. Also Greek legendary mythology founder Perseus recalls that in his fight with Medusa, her head was cut and the blood drained into the sea would have solidified in a coral formation. Many other crops mentioned coral use in their cultural or religious activities. Writings have been found in ancient history, and because of the very well preserved special texture and coloring they seem to have been made out of corals Calcium in the form of limestone, known and used by people for over nine millennia just as a chemical element is quite a recent medical discovery.

In 1808, an English chemist Sir Davy managed to be the first one who isolates it: he took a grey white alkali metal, immediately exposed it to air oxidize, observed it was becoming brown, and when burned, drove a beautiful red flame. In the living world, mineral calcium, is used by marine nature in construction of almost everything from shellfish shells houses, the wonderful spiral of the snail, and the beautiful coral reefs, the skeleton of all known vertebrates. Throughout evolution, Nature has found forms of increasingly ingenious modeling of this mineral, which is however equally important in its invisible secret support for the vital processes.Calcium salts tablets obtained by synthesis were proved to be the most convenient. Presented in various colors and shapes, the tasty effervescent pills, have proven their efficiency being adored by children. Recent studies have demonstrated that synthetic formulas such as the one above can substitute only a small part of the “true calcium” that the human body needs.

The big difference between organic Calcium and other forms of Calcium:

coralcalcium-500x500Scientific properties: Although the coral develops in the depths of the oceans, it is not a gemstone, also rather brittle, with a hardness on the Mohs scale of only 3 and the chemical structure of triangular crystal. Coral skeletons develop on their surface natural marine growths called coral polyps. These little creatures live their lives in colonies which they grow later on being able to form true atolls, this whole process being similar to the human bone development. Most of these corals, whether pink, white or blue are composed of calcium carbonate while black and golden corals are based on a material similar to that of animals’ horns called conchiolinum.

Therapeutic properties: Corals symbolize in many cultures life, blood and energy. The dark red coral was and sometimes is still used for heating and stimulating blood flow, while pink varieties help restore harmony in the heart. Red or pink coral forms were considered in the past as excellent adjutant in the treatment of mental illness but also anemia. This is, moreover, a stone that can be used for tissue regeneration but also to strengthen the circulatory system.

Healthy Supplement Gift Idea: What to Get Dad for Christmas

It’s the Christmas season once again and we’re all looking for the perfect gift for a special someone – dad. While you’re wondering what to get dad for Christmas you have to realize that nothing is more rewarding than knowing you’re giving something that continues to give the gift of good health.

This is different because dad will appreciate the thought you have put into finding a gift that will boost his health, and this is why you have to consider Coral Calcium as a perfect Christmas gift.

Calcium is a very important mineral for good health especially when it’s the most bio-available type of calcium known – Coral Calcium. Unlike synthetic products, it is easily absorbed by the body. Calcium has the effect of maintaining PH balance all over the body, neutralizes acid, and boosts the function, health, and strength of all cells.

Coral Calcium is a calcium salt derived from coral reefs that have been fossilized (mainly from coastal deposits and limestone). It provides an alternative cure or treatment for various health conditions.

Key Benefits of Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium is easily ionized, digested, and metabolized in the body. While a lot of the calcium supplements are derived from calcium carbonate, this is actually natural. Ionized calcium counterbalances the effect of acidity and maintains the body’s alkalinity. When calcium is absorbed, it helps to maintain strong teeth and bones while also assisting the body in the effective utilization of minerals. Calcium also activates enzymes within over 300 metabolic actions and cellular activities.

When all’s said and done, there are usually a ton of good ideas around what to get that for Christmas. We hope this information helps you get started on the path of getting something beneficial to your dad’s health.

Coral Calcium Benefits for Dogs in a Dog Playpen

Coral calcium is calcium in a supplemental form which is made from parts of coral reefs that have dropped off or are lying at the ocean bottom. Coral calcium is claimed to have a lot of added benefits over other types of calcium, so its manufacturers have only recently started marketing it for use in pets, including dogs that are very active due to playing in their dog playpen.

Coral calcium is a good source of calcium which is a very vital mineral for humans as well as dogs. However, an issue with coral calcium is that it can be really costly, coupled with some anxiety about how it is harvested and the knock-on adverse effects that activity is having on the coral reef, which has just as much importance to the ocean as rain forests have to land.

If your dog is feeding on commercial dog food, then it should be receiving all its dietary calcium requirements because it is made especially for dogs. A dog that feeds on a homemade diet and has just had puppies or is pregnant and in the final trimester may require a calcium supplement. People advocating that dogs should be on a natural diet recommend bone meal as a calcium supplement.

If dogs do not get enough calcium in their diet they tend to develop an incapacitating bone disease due to the fact that the body has to take the calcium it needs from the bones thereby weakening the bones. The use of a calcium supplement prevents this from happening.

However, as with humans, too much calcium can be bad for dogs as it tends to disrupt the balance of minerals since the calcium will usually compete with other vital minerals for intestinal absorption, resulting in a deficiency of other minerals. Too much calcium has been associated with canine hip dysplasia, and large puppies that are developing rapidly in a dog playpen should never be placed on a calcium supplement.

















Coral Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals: Florida Rehab Centers

Alcoholism and drug abuse are described by cravings for drugs and alcohol plus a helplessness to stop drinking. Both are considered to be chronic and progressive diseases which explains why Florida Rehab Centers are getting involved in cure and treatment. There are some essential vitamins which are valuable for treatment of alcoholism, these are;

Vitamin C: drinking reduces a lot of the vitamins in the body, especially vitamin C. This is a vitamin that is really required by people who suffer from alcohol addiction due to the fact that it burns the body’s store of fats and limits fatty liver growth. It also helps to stabilize the immune system.

Vitamin A: People with alcoholism suffer from a deficiency of vitamin A, a vitamin which is essential for good vision and health of the nervous system. The well-being of the nervous system is very essential but for people with alcohol problems, the nervous system is greatly destroyed through the excessive consumption of alcohol. So vitamin A is recommended for such people to maintain the stability and functionality of the nervous system.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D is also regarded as one of the effectual vitamins for the treatment of alcohol dependency because it aids the absorption of calcium in the bones. Chronic alcoholism causes an imbalance in vitamin D metabolism, leading to an absorption of dietary calcium as well as a loss in bone density and mass. Deficiency of vitamin D can be linked to a softening of the bones.

Calcium: Calcium is required for the contraction and expansion of the muscles and blood vessel, the communication of messages across the nervous system, and the secretion of hormones and enzymes. Excessive alcohol consumption causes the body to lose calcium through an increase in urinary calcium excretion.

Coral Calcium: This is a natural Calcium source acquired from sea corals. It contributes to an increase in body mass resulting in strong and healthy bones.

Through the integration of a careful intake of vitamins and minerals with other treatment methods, the alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs at Florida Rehab Centers can assist anybody with drug and alcohol issues.

Considerations: Calcium and the Paleo Diät

Whenever anybody says the whole “I don’t do dairy” words when it comes to their paleo diät or paleo diet, the inevitable question that follows is usually, “but how about calcium?” That question usually comes from the standpoint that strong and healthy bones are essential, and calcium is required to build strong healthy bones, and I totally agree.

However, in spite of what the numerous milk ads on TV would make you believe, everything about “strong bones” is much more complex than first thought. There are three main misconceptions surrounding the dairy/bones/calcium triangle.

  1. Building healthy, strong bones hinges on calcium only
  2. Your calcium consumption is the only important thing
  3. There’s no other great source of calcium apart from dairy

To build bones that are strong and healthy on a Paleo diet, you would have to do the following;

  • low_carb_paleoAdopt a diet created to minimize systemic inflammation and stimulate a healthy hormonal response.
  • Eat an extensive range of foods with a high nutrient density (especially bone broths and dark, leafy greens) to guarantee sufficient intake of every one of the minerals and vitamins required for bone health.
  • Avoid foods (like legumes and whole grains) that are made up of compounds that restrict the body’s capacity to absorb minerals.
  • Consume a modest protein diet (animal sources) to help in the absorption of calcium.
  • Make sure you get a healthy everyday dose of vitamin D3, through supplementation or preferably from the sunshine.
  • Contemplate taking a magnesium supplement, an essential mineral co-factor that a lot of Americans suffer a deficiency from because of dietary habits, fluoridated or filtered water, and depleted soil.
  • Add proper amounts of dietary fat, to guarantee the absorption of vitamins K and D3 that are essential for bone building.

Remember, our paleo diät is not just about the amount of calcium we’re consuming, it’s about a whole lot of other factors. So, miss the milk, get some sunshine, eat your greens, exercise regularly, and revel in the health benefits you get from a nutrient-dense, hormone-optimizing, anti-inflammatory diet – including strong and healthy bones.

Coral calcium supplements can help you lose weight: The Synadrene Effect

Calcium could be the essential nutrient required to assist you to lose weight, in keeping with increasing consensus of new studies investigating the mineral. Calcium is not only useful for hypertension, the research demonstrates that it also seems to support healthy body processes in a manner that leads to the loss of extra body fat, just the kind of effect Synadrene has on the body.

However, there seems to be a major misunderstanding when it comes to calcium, people are of the belief that if calcium helps in their weight loss drive, then eating cheese pizza or taking cow’s milk are the perfect ways of getting the required calcium, which is plain bad thinking. There is a link between cow’s milk and some chronic disorders like constipation, asthma, and sinus infections. While cheese, has an extremely high content of sodium and saturated fat.

There are better means of getting the required calcium to aid a weight loss drive, and nutritional supplements are the solution. Coral calcium supplements provide a convenient means of taking consistent doses of the mineral, while plants such as broccoli are naturally full of the exact type of calcium required by the body. A super grain, quinoa, also has a high calcium content plus complete protein.

Ensure you get your calcium, even when you’re not on a weight loss drive, but don’t make the usual mistake of thinking that calcium equates to milk. Coral calcium supplements are greatly more beneficial, and if you can get plant-based calcium then even better. And don’t forget your Synadrene fat burning and energy supplements too. Make the effort to ensure whole foods, vegetables, super grains, and superfoods are your sources of calcium, and not cow milk. And also, to prevent the loss of the calcium already stored by your body, avoid soft drinks, as they have been proven to remove calcium from the bones.

Coral Calcium: Non-Bone Uses

Most of the calcium in the human body is used in the bone. On the other hand, calcium signaling is one of cellular function’s key processes and its malfunction is linked to poor health. There are just a couple of studies available on coral calcium non-bone research such as No strong conclusions about health benefits can be inferred from the studies, but they are quite fascinating. Let us start by taking a walk down memory lane.

ginexolBack in the middle ages, coral calcium was used for medicinal purposes in Europe. It was brought by Asian traders to Italy and circulated into the Mediterranean and Europe and integrated into the structures of medicine at the time. Coral was used in these healing systems to treat eye diseases, eye inflammation, bleeding problems, and to strengthen the heart. The usages at the time were hinged wholly on anecdotal observation of benefits, and there is not data available to show how coral was used for those treatments.

In the animal study on colon cancer and coral calcium, coral calcium was discovered to hinder the growth of colon cancer. It particularly improved the number of natural killer cells and macrophages in a manner that was dose-dependent. The improvement in immune response weakened the metastasis of the lungs. By contrast, calcium carbonate was ineffective.

There is an anti-aging study of coral calcium. The researchers looked at how coral calcium supplements was affecting a mouse which had been genetically programmed for fast-tracked aging. Gene signals that supported molecular signaling and antioxidant function were boosted, while gene signals involved with cancer and cell death were turned down. The researchers were of the opinion that their study showed a potential for anti-aging. The immune boosting, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-aging features of coral calcium are all subjects worthy of research to assist in the clarification of the potential value of the organic mineral.

Testing Your Pet’s Calcium Level: Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Calcium is an essential nutrient that is required by the body to maintain a lot of its organs. The heart, muscles, bones, and intestines are some of the organs that depend on a healthy level of blood calcium to function correctly. If your pet is experiencing hair loss as a result of pregnancy or lactation due to a depletion in calcium levels, then you might need the best vacuum for pet hair to keep things nice and tidy around the home. If the blood calcium level goes too high or drops too low, it can lead to serious illness.

  • A body’s normal calcium level is regulated through a very intricate interaction between the organs in the body.
  • A range of illnesses and certain medications can have an effect on calcium levels
  • If the level of calcium is hazardously high or low, hospitalization may become necessary during treatment to correct the problem.
  • If your pet has an abnormal level of calcium, additional tests may be prescribed to find out the cause.

Calcium level is an essential part of the chemistry panel, which is basically a blood test. The calcium level is frequently evaluated at the time of pre-surgery screening or normal wellness checkups in healthy pets. Due to the fact that a range of medical conditions can have an effect on the calcium level, your veterinarian might recommend testing the calcium level of your pet if one of these signs is present:

  • pet_hair_calciumVomiting
  • Lethargy (tiredness)
  • Muscle twitching
  • Appetite loss
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Difficulty walking or Weakness
  • Increased urination and/or drinking
  • Seizures
  • Restlessness
  • Constipation

To measure the calcium level of your pet, your veterinarian team has to obtain a small amount of blood sample. The procedure is always very quick; just a few seconds with a well-behaved patient. For very frightened or ill-behaved patients, your team of veterinarians might use a towel, muzzle, or other gentle control devices. In patients that have a very thick fur, the hair might need to be shaved off certain areas where blood will be taken. The best vacuum for pet hair will definitely be a part of the cleanup process after the procedure.

Listing a business on the Pages Blanches (White Pages)

Recently, one of our clients who was in the coral calcium business asked us if they should renew their white or pages blanches business listing in the Australian white pages. To assist them in making this assessment, we were asked to review what kind of contract they were getting from the listings on the white pages in connection with their website’s click-through information. The results we got were very fascinating.

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We then decided to check the level of ranking their specific listing was receiving for the primary keywords. Putting it in another way, if somebody types in any business name into Google, was it in any way relevant that they were getting the white pages listing? The answer was a yes. On checking Yahoo, Google, and Bing, the primary keywords were conspicuous within the first couple of 100 listings on any of the results.

The pertinent question then needs to be asked, isn’t it essential that it’s possible to find a business within the white pages? The answer to that question is clearly a yes, but fortunately, the pages blanches (or white pages) lets you list your phone number and business completely free of charge. This means that a lot of the remaining less technologically savvy people in the world who would need to call directory assistance to obtain a phone number would still be given the appropriate phone number for a business without having to pay a dime.

Help With Heel & Foot Pain: Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Customary treatment for foot problems such as heel spurs, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis consist of heel cups, orthotics, stretches, and anti-inflammatory medications. Each provides efficient symptomatic treatment that is further enhanced by an intake of certain minerals and vitamins to assist in boosting recovery while also making it easy to put on the best running shoes for flat feet.

Lately, these minerals and vitamins have become more popular in medical circles due to their effects on enhancing recovery from certain conditions and for offering treatment that is effective and less invasive.

Conditions such as heel spurs occur as a result of abnormal calcium deposits inside the feet. The consolidation of calcium in the heel bone and in-between ligaments leads to irritation, chronic inflammation, and unusual wear in surrounding areas and connecting tissues. This then reveals itself as conditions like heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. These deposits can be greatly reduced through the intake of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Most people appreciate the fact that calcium is needed for maintaining bone growth and keeping bones healthy.

In addition to calcium, the appropriate level of magnesium should be taken. Magnesium helps in the prevention of calcium absorption by the body making the calcium available for bone growth. In a situation where there’s an inadequate supply of magnesium in the diet, even the appropriate amount of calcium may end up being deficient as there won’t be enough for healthy bone growth. So, it’s highly recommended that the right amount of both is available.

Calcium is available in a lot of the dairy foods such as cheese, yogurt, and milk. It can also be gotten from soybeans, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. Coral calcium is also a good source of calcium. Wholegrain and different kinds of beans (kidney beans, lentils, split peas), and brown rice are good sources of Magnesium.

Gifts Less Ordinary in Australia

I just got my personalised baby blanket from Gifts Less Ordinary in Australia today and it was really amazing!

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I got the blanket from the gifts for her section of the website and it covers my daughter when she’s sleeping with some extra material available to bunch up in her small fists. Apart from sleeping, I already have plans for the blanket to be used for strolling and playing peekaboo.

I got a lot of compliments on the blanket. Even my daughter’s grandma said the blanket is stunning. It is actually pretty without being juvenile or tacky with a gender-neutral pattern. It’s absolutely one of the many fantastic customisable gifts I’ve bought on Gifts Less Ordinary in Australia.

It is breathable and a great switch from the fluffy, thicker blankets we used all through the winter time. It’s easy and compact to fold away so you can always store it in your stroller cubicle for cooler nights or AC’d environments.

If you have plans to gift this blanket or any one of the other fabulous online gifts from this retailer, it comes packaged in a matching, cute, and reusable cotton drawstring bag.

This has definitely been the best thing I’ve bought on Gifts Less Ordinary! Their customer service team in Victoria is a dream, while the guys out in Melbourne make shopping a pleasant experience.

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