Do not rush to wake up after waking up! Do these 3 things away from stroke

Cardiovascular disease

Many people get up, there are often gums, bad breath, dark urine and other phenomena, it is because the body is excreting the body’s metabolic waste. At this point, to help the body dilute the blood to speed up detoxification, can drink more brown sugar ginger tea black tea to enhance the yang detoxification.

Black sugar ginger tea

Black tea bag will be 1, 1 spoon ginger, brown sugar 1, 300 ml hot water brewing.

Ginger mud’s role is to promote blood circulation, so that metabolic waste accelerated discharge. Put brown sugar, the body due to wake up after 60 trillion cells need sugar.

According to Japanese studies, black tea is positive, while the green tea is negative, so get up in the morning, of course, to use a positive black tea. Plus ginger can help yang ascended the head, make the head clear, if you can with a simple exercise, flow point sweat better.

In addition, do not underestimate the morning’s face, brushing and other minor tricks, done correctly and in place, not only can reduce the incidence of disease, coupled with some simple message, but also allow the body to “rejuvenate.”

This face wash, good looks, fewer wrinkles

Use or without facial cleanser can be, palms rub until the fever, the palms were held around the cheekbone, outward to do around the massage, and then the same action massage the jaw, the corner of the eye, Forehead. After the end of the above action, then use both hands small fish occasion (that is, under the little finger under the palm root muscles) up and down massage both sides of the nose, then both hands up and down the light face, and finally rinse with warm water. Doing this will make your face rosy and shiny, and reduce wrinkles.

Brush your teeth, do not ignore the gums

Modern people often go to work late, brushing movements are almost always with nature, otherwise rinse mouthwash rush to go out, often leading to inflammation or atrophy gums. In addition, due to gum disease may lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, in addition to brushing teeth, but also brush gums, promote gum circulation, and to achieve this effect, an electric toothbrush is a better choice.

Comb your hair, many benefits

When combing hair along the meridians and meridians, the head is divided into five parts (overhead, on both sides of the brain, the back of the brain on both sides), and then down the comb under each part 10, comb each comb 10 comb, under. This method can enhance yang, not only can clear eyes, but also prevent headaches, tinnitus, white hair, and hair loss.

Tongue to clean

Too many toxins in the body, in fact, from the tongue can be clearly seen. The tongue is the moss-like dirt on the surface of the tongue, but the tongue does not adhere to the diet like tartar, mainly because the food is eaten last night forms toxins in the body and is transported through the blood vessels during our sleep. Arrived in the morning tongue appeared.

If you eat dinner not easy to digest diet or eating before going to bed at night, the next morning the amount of the tongue will be more. So just check the tongue, you can understand the day before the diet intake is appropriate, and digestion is good.

To remind that the tongue if left unchecked, it will be absorbed again by the body back, so every morning should really remove the tongue clean. Brush directly with the toothbrush if the tongue, it is easy to hurt the tongue surface, it is recommended to use a slightly larger spoon will be scraping off the tongue.


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