Green tea is one of the most beneficial drinks you can take today. This is because it is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that have positive effects on your body. From healthier skin, improved brain function, better feeling of lowering the risk of, there are many reasons you should take green tea on a daily basis.

  • Improves Brain Function

What makes green tea improve brain function is the caffeine and L-theanine which is an amino acid. Caffeine is a stimulant that boosts your alertness, mood, and memory. It is not as much as what you find in coffee. On the other hand, amino acid L-theanine has synergistic effects as well as anti-anxiety effects and the combination of the two has positive effects on your brain functions.

  • Lowers the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is a menace and across the globe, it’s claiming lives on a daily basis. Actually, it is categorized as one of the leading causes of death today. With regular intake of high-quality green tea, you can prevent some types of cancer such as breast, colorectal and prostate cancer among others. The powerful antioxidants in the tea are what inhibits the uncontrolled growth of cells that causes cancer.

  • Improves Dental Health

Dental health is a common problem and to make it worse, it’s expensive when you start having dental issues. Green tea helps to improve your dental health and reduces the risk of different infections. The catechins in the tea do this by blocking viruses and killing bacteria.

  • Boosts Heart Health

It’s disheartening to know that heart diseases are a leading cause of death in the modern world. The antioxidants in green tea prevent bad cholesterol particles from oxidation and lower it as it is one of the leading factors of cardiovascular diseases. Some of these cardiovascular issues include stroke and heart diseases.

  • Improves overall health

Green tea contains most of the nutrients from the plants, unlike the normal and flavored teas. This is the reason it is considered a healthy option. The tea contains minerals, polyphenol antioxidants, and catechin. When all these are combined, the have powerful medicinal properties that minimize free radicals formation, prevents cell damage and inhibits uncontrolled growth of cells among other benefits.

Green tea is a healthy drink that you should not shy away from including it in your daily diet. It is readily available and with regular intake, you know that you will be boosting your overall health. From lowering the risk of cancer, improving brain function, boosting dental health to preventing cardiovascular issues, green tea is a great option rather than having carbonated drinks.

Aortic calcification is when calcium builds up in the heart. This is a life-threatening condition since it restricts blood flow to your heart. The two major problems with this are that it can lead to fatal heart attack and heart diseases. It’s important that you live a healthier lifestyle and eat healthy foods to prevent this kind of condition and reduce its effects once you are diagnosed with it.

What Causes Heart Calcification?

There are various things that lead to heart calcification depending on age. This is a common condition for those above the age of 65. This does not mean that it does not affect younger adults. Younger adults can experience this condition due to kidney diseases, birth defects of the heart and high levels of bad cholesterol in the body. With this condition, the arteries become thick and stiff.

How can you Prevent and Control Aortic Calcification?

Once you are diagnosed with the condition, it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions. Whether they say that you make dietary or lifestyle changes, you visit the hospital for follow-up check-ups; this is exactly what you should do. This will prevent reduce the danger of the condition such as serious heart diseases. The treatment will depend on how extensive your condition is.

Make Dietary Changes

Eating healthy foods will help in reducing calcium buildup in your heart. This means that you will have to avoid junk foods, foods high in cholesterol, alcohol and saturated fats. Nutritionists recommend that you eat more of whole grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits. This will not only reduce aortic calcification but also arteriosclerosis. You should talk to your doctor and nutritionist on the foods to avoid.

Make Lifestyle Changes

One lifestyle change that you can make to get rid of aortic calcification is to start exercising. This is because by exercising, you reduce cholesterol and keep off toxins in your body. Jog whenever you can, ride a bike even if it’s stationary, play your favorite sport, take a walk, go swimming, dance and run whenever possible. You will be keeping your body flexible and clean which will help in reducing calcium deposits on your heart.

The most common mineral in your body is calcium but how is it risky if it’s around your heart valves? This is because the functions of the arteries and Osteocalcin are hindered. Calcium is not taken into and out of the heart as it should and blood flow is inhibited. When you sense heart palpitations, weakness, shortness of breath, chest discomfort and ankle swelling, you should see a doctor and get tested for calcification. Making dietary and lifestyle changes can significantly help with this condition.