During the weekends it is common to see people here and there clinking their glasses and having a good time. The weekend is basically a time where a lot of people celebrate, share a few laughs and have fun.  But of course, we are aware that when something is done too much, it no longer becomes good, in some cases, it might even become dangerous.

For a very long time, people have always loved drinking beer, because of the health benefits it offers. A couple of studies that were carried out throughout the years have been able to conclude that beer has a lot to offer especially when it comes to the area of health.

But there is a dark side to drinking beer. You see, when beer is not taken in moderation, there is bound to be some serious side effects.

In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the side effects you will experience when you drink too much beer.

It interferes with the sugar levels in the blood

Beer interferes with your blood sugar levels. The role of the liver is to convert glycogen that is stored into glucose which is later released into the bloodstream. Alcohol interferes with this delicate process. It makes you become more hungry, which will make you eat a lot more than you would ordinarily. This sudden burst of hunger which is followed by an increase in your rate of consumption of food will ultimately lead to weight gain.

They are high in calories

Most of the beers you will find on the market today have traces of nutrient but they are loaded with calories. Fitness experts have often referred to the calories found in beer and other alcoholic beverage as empty calories. Therefore, beer is not ideal for anyone who is serious about losing weight.

The liver converts the alcohol in beer into acetate. The body next, starts to burn the acetate so as to release energy; the fat that remains from this process is stored in the stomach or the hip


Most beers contain certain stimulants that work hand in hand with the gastric acid, which will lead to gastro-oesophageal reflux which will ultimately deteriorate into heartburn.

Beer belly

If you want a flat midsection, then you have to stop drinking beer or reduce the amount of beer you consume on a regular basis. Drinking large quantities of beer is eventually going to give you a pot belly that will be very difficult for you to get rid off. It will take months of exercise and a complete abstinence from alcohol in order for you to reverse the process. This is obviously because stomach fats are stubborn and difficult get rid off.

A rise in blood pressure

If you take several glasses of beer on a daily basis, your blood pressure is bound to spike up. What you should do here is to keep things in control and stick to only one or two pints of beer a day.

Drinking beer can be fun and exciting, but when it is taken in excess it becomes dangerous.