For the body to be functioning properly, one should not be having issues with blood circulation. Did you know that lead based paints can affect your health and in particular your blood circulation? If you are located in Newcastle look for local Newcastle painters who can asses your property and update your paint if you have lead based paint in your home.

Tingling effects on a body part, numbness and muscle cramps are just some of the signs that one has poor blood circulation. Diabetes, drug abuse, blood clot, and smoking can all bring about this condition. Adapting to certain habits and take some specific measures can help in treating this condition.

Take Essential Oils

Essential oils are known to be healthy since they have potent thermogenic effects. They are widely used to treat various health conditions that include poor blood circulation. They are used in massaging the body, especially where poor blood circulation is caused by muscle tension. The good thing is that they have the option of being ingested or used topically. 

Consume Fresh Ginger Regularly

The two beneficial compounds that are found in ginger which are gingerols and zingerone help in preventing blood clots. Remember that blood clots are a sign of poor blood circulation and with regular intake of fresh ginger, this can be prevented.

Taking Sufficient Water Daily

Water is life so they say and taking plenty of water enhances blood circulation. Water is cheap, it’s readily available and natural thus a great option of helping to reduce poor blood circulation. It also helps in nutrients and oxygen distribution.

Ensuring that Cholesterol Level Is Balance

This is another effective way to handle poor blood circulation. Health experts always recommended that one avoids taking foods that are high in cholesterol. The level should instead be balanced otherwise arteries will be blocked and you will have issues with blood circulation. Foods that have omega-3 fatty acids will improve blood circulation.

Why is it Important to Treat Simple Blood Circulation Issues?

There is nothing like simple poor blood circulation. However small it may seem, it’s a risk having this condition. If not treated, it could lead to stroke among other serious health issues. It’s paramount that one takes preventative measures and when diagnosed with the condition, they are consistent with the treatment since the condition is treatable.

Poor blood circulation is dangerous as apart from leading to serious issues such as stroke, one could be having a serious underlying condition. First, the root cause of the problem should be identified before the treatment starts. Balancing cholesterol levels in the body, taking plenty of water, consuming fresh ginger and using essential oils are effective ways of enhancing blood circulation. 

We have all seen the mysterious dumped car left on the side of the road rusting away. Nobody knows what happened to it.

Was it stolen, taken for a joyride and left to sit where it ran out of fuel?

Was it driven by its owner to the point where it gave up the desire to continue on and conked out?

Whatever the reason we are sure that the owner was unaware of scrap car removal services provided by local wrecking companies. If they knew about them they would know that all they need to do is call their local wrecker and they can get paid cash for their unwanted scrap car. Instead, the car is left to sit on the side of the road rusting away.

Apart from the fact that the owner has left money on the side of the road, they are also presenting the environment with a larger health issue. The issue of rust.

What is Rust?

Rust is what happens to a ferrous metal that is exposed to oxygen. Ferrous metal is any metal with iron in it. The most commonly known and used is steel which is heavily used in cars. When this ferrous metal is exposed to air the oxygen starts to react with the surface of the metal. This reaction is what is known as rust.

Is Rust Dangerous?

Rust itself is not overly dangerous to humans. However, bacteria can grow in rust and the most dangerous and commonly known is tetanus. That is why if you ever scratch yourself with a rusty nail or sheet metal, you need to get a tetanus booster. Without this tetanus vaccination, you can quickly die from tetanus. And there are still all the nay-sayers who say no to vaccinations. Rust isn’t killing me!

Rust also weakens the metal that it is rusting. It effectively deteriorates the metal so it breaks down over time. While this is a slow process it can over years create jiggered edges in the metal which can easily piece skin if you get too close to it. This is an easy way for you to gain the Tetanus bacteria in your blood which is very dangerous.

What Can You Do?

We can all play a part in preventing rust related health issues from removing any metal objects from outside. Metal objects that are always outside like your homes roof or your car are painted to protect the metal from being exposed to the air.

Other metal items such as stainless steel do not rust. Although you still might see surface rust on these metals. This can be easily removed. Rust however actually rust takes a bit more effort to remove. Normally grinding or cutting out the rust.

You can also spread the word and inform your friends about car removal services. If their car one day dies and they are thinking of leaving it on the side of the road inform that that doing so will create a rust health hazard.

You can also inform them about scrap car removal services and how they can even get paid cash for their car. Wreckers come to remove the car and pack you cash to take ownership so they can sell the spare parts and scrap metal. A bot of recycling and saving the community from dangerous rusting metal. Job well has done