How to Contact Us

Whether you need information about your order, or you’re in need of product support, or you would like to give us some feedback on our performance, getting in touch with us is quite easy.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority which is why we’ve made it possible for you to place an order all through the 24 hours of a day.

For inquiries or support, you can get in touch with us Toll-Free from Canada and the USA at 1-800-307-2367. Our live service representatives are on hand to answer your questions Monday through Friday from 10AM – 6PM Central Time.

Shipping Information

To deliver faster shipping times and to avoid all cross-border delays, we have depots both in Canada and the USA.

Canadian Office – Mailing Address

5566 Courtney Road, Dover, B.C

Canada G8T 5XY

Phone: (250) 664 – 3425

Email: info@

Opening Hours:

10am to 6pm, Monday – Friday (Central Time)

Saturday – Sunday (Closed)


Outside Canada?

If you live in any one of the below countries, please call us on these numbers to avoid being charged for long distance calls;

Mexico: +52 4553 16 67 45

Spain: +34 019 456 269

Australia: +61 3 0976 4589

USA: +1 647 768 4531

United Kingdom: +44 203 897 237

Wholesaler/Dealer Inquiries

For wholesaler and dealer inquiries, you can call us Toll-Free from Canada and the USA at 1-800-307-2367 or email us at info@

Public Relations

To request an appearance, media coverage, or interview with one of our in-house experts, please email pr@

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, trade, or give your email address to a third party. It will only be used for communications with

We will not use your phone number for solicitation purposes. It will only be used in the event of any delivery problems.