As the name suggests, calcium is extracted from tiny marine animals called corals or, more precisely, from their fossils, which are extremely rich in calcium carbonate. And because these fossil reefs are the ones that form mountains in various places of the planet, this is an extremely cheap source of calcium. Simple grinding and encapsulation of these fossils could provide coral calcium requirement for the world population for millions of years. Unfortunately, because calcium derived from coral fossils is the boundary between organic and inorganic, in time many of the substances that ensured appropriate uptake and metabolism of this element are degrading. As such, it has sought really alive, nontoxic and easy to assimilate source of calcium and the attention was focused on a specific type of algae.

whole_food_supplements-multivitamins_natural-coral-calciumIn the cold seas of the planet some strange plants can be found, the red algae, which contain huge amounts of calcium, this is why they were called “calcareous algae.” Their scientific name is lithotamnion calcareum, also known as “living stones” because they contain so much calcium and magnesium that have the solidity of a mineral, but also have a very much alive color (from light pink to red garnet) and get amazing shapes being one of the main supporters of marine life. These calcareous algae are now considered the best source of calcium because they associate this mineral with magnesium and phosphorus, which are precisely the elements necessary for its proper metabolism. Furthermore, the correct molecular distribution promotes the proper absorption of calcium by the body. Last but not least, this calcareous algae extract which contains about 30% calcium, positively influences digestion and hormonal balance, helping to cure diseases caused by metabolic disturbances. Organic calcium capsules contain 200 milligrams of calcium. Daily, an intake of 3-5 capsules in for a minimum of 30 days is recommended. We’ll find out below the conditions for this type of treatment.

The capsules can be managed unrestricted over the age of three. Four capsules per day associated with sufficient exposure to sunlight (for synthesis of vitamin D) and a regime with few concentrated sugars or artificial sweeteners will be the perfect simple formula to assimilate this treatment. Moreover, it is essential for children accustomed to a high level of sugar diet with as few candy, not only for their physical but also mature intellectual, mental and even the precious emotional balance.

Recent studies show that organic calcium intake (less than 800 mg daily) administered for years or decades, reduce by 50% the risk of disease recurrence or cancer. Until now, research has shown the beneficial action of this mineral naturally in three cancers: Colon cancer – at this level, organic antitumor action of this mineral is most evident. Studies on thousands of people show that a diet including plenty of calcium greatly reduces the likelihood of intestinal tumors and even slows the progression of existing cancers. Breast cancer – women over 21 who consume organic calcium and magnesium grow some kind of immunity against the forms of breast cancer hormone. Gastric cancer – preventing and combating is not just about managing organic calcium, but also keeping a so-called alkaline diet, with more vegetables and raw vegetables rich in chlorophyll. These two factors conjugated therapeutic mutations prevent the development of malignant gastric epithelium and installation cancer.