Organic calcium obtained from corals calcareous algae, has proven to beneficial. They take courses lasting 90 days, patients take four capsules of organic calcium daily on an empty stomach. To be successful, the treatment should be kept for at least nine months and organic calcium administration will be obligatory accompanied by a vegetarian diet with vegetables and greens very fresh. Organic calcium with raw vegan food is unbeatable in the fight against osteoporosis, being both gentle and very effective.

Lastly, organic calcium helps in stabilizing emotional states and helps better stress management, given the fact that emotional disorders are among the top causes of development and progression of coronary artery disease.

Well, studies conducted in the past decade have shown that, additional calcium intake improves metabolism, preventing precipitation and formation of kidney stones.

1273Coral calcium is a complex mineral structure similar to the human skeleton, becoming useful in restoring mineral balance and restoring the body’s alkaline pH. Coral calcium is the ideal formula for calcium supplementation necessary due to the presence in its ionic form a complex of 73 minerals, thus ensuring superior absorption unlike traditional forms of calcium. Insufficient intake of calcium and silicon promotes osteoporosis, disruption of the proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels and impairment of the proper development of the articular system in children. Along with calcium, coral calcium also has in its composition alarge amount of magnesium that occurs both in better absorption of calcium and in neurological and muscular system support. Most importantly, it restores the mineral balance in people with physical activity

Calcium supplementation is necessary to prevent rickets and bone decalcification, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, ensuring a harmonious development of the osteoarticular system in children.It promotes the growth of hair and nails, and the presence of silicon in coral calcium determine their brilliance.Manifestations of spasmophilia are highly decreased, restoring the mineral balance and the alkaline pH of the body.Intervenes in the smooth functioning of the heart, blood vessels, central and peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system.It is recommended for athletes and people with intense physical activity.Coral Calcium is a mineral complex structure like that of the human skeleton, becoming useful in restoring the mineral balance and restoring the body’s alkaline pH. Coral calcium is the ideal formula for calcium supplementation necessary due to its presence in ionic forms, a trace mineral complex, thus ensuring superior absorption traditional forms of calcium. The best quality Coral Calcium Coral calcium is extracted exclusively from the Japanese island of Okinawa. What sets it apart from other forms of Calcium is its richness minerals and its high alkaline particularly which not only makes it very bioavailable, but also very effective in regulating highly effective the body’s pH.