Removing and eliminating toxins from your body is imperative for good health. Besides fighting fatigue, you will also be aiding your body to fight against diseases. Health is expensive thus you should do your best to fight disease in such a way.

From time to time, you should detoxify your body and the good thing is that there are various detox programs that you can choose from.

Where Do Toxins Come From?

You may not know what will see toxins accumulate in your body but you can help your body in eliminating them. Toxins could be from the air that we breathe; foods that we eat especially those that are conventionally grown and from drugs.

Importance of Detoxification

Detoxification is all about your health. Several vital organs play a role in this. Toxins build up in your body from time to time and this becomes dangerous with time if they are not eliminated. The process starts in your liver where they get ready for elimination. Besides the liver, your body will use the kidneys, skin and lungs among other organs to get rid of these impurities.

When Should One Detoxify?

There are detox programs that can take a toll on you when overdone. Most people ask when the right time to detoxify is. Although you can detoxify at any time, there are symptoms that shows that you need to start the program.

If you are bloating, you feel sluggish or fatigue that you cannot explain, you are forgetting things or experiencing mental confusion, or you have an infection or skin irritation.

How Does One Detoxify?

There are nutritionists that can help you with a suitable detox program. If you have a health condition or you are pregnant, this is not recommended. Always seek advice from your doctor. On the other hand, there are plenty of detox recipes and programs that you can choose from.

Most of these programs follow a seven to ten day schedule that should be adhered to strictly for the best results.

Foods to Avoid During Detox

A Healthy diet will definitely boost your detoxification journey. Fructose, Trans fats, dairy, alcohol, meat and wheat. While wheat gluten will irritate your gut, caffeine will increase toxins in the body while meat boosts bacteria growth in the guts.

On the other hand, your detoxification program will not be as effective if you consume dairy products such as butter, cheese and milk. Instead, you should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables as you take plenty of water.

As you embark on your detoxification journey, it is important that you follow it to the letter religiously. Avoid stress and help your body to eliminate the toxins. While following a diet, you should also exercise. It is highly recommended that you cleanse your body naturally rather than going for conventional treatments.